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From the initial booking of skills camps and choreography, to designing amazing routines and supporting us throughout the season, Fernando and PRO Camps set a standard of excellence that can’t be beat by anyone else in the cheer industry!

Rachel ChapmanWilson Panther All Stars

PRO’s keen eye for finding the tiniest, freshest routine updates and his knowledge of the USASF Safety Rules & EVERY brand’s score sheet is surpassed by none. Each year we have used PRO, the impact to our scores has been tremendous; we highly recommend PRO!

Angela Trombley-GoralskiTrilogy All Stars

Thorough and innovative are the first few words I think of when I think of PRO Skills Camps!!! We love every minute of it and so do our athletes!

Shane BerryBGC Tumble & Cheer

We weren’t sure about a BOOST Camp at first as we thought we had so much in our routines already but PRO added so many unique and creative movements throughout our entire routines! We loved what Fernando was able to add and the athletes felt refreshed and excited for new choreography as we headed to the D2 Summit. We will definitely use another BOOST (or two) next season! We love PRO!

Abbey KramerUnited Tumbling Academy

PRO Camps is a very organized, reliable company to work with. The creativity and professionalism they provide is incredible. We look forward to working with them every season!

Lea HebertElite Cheer Michigan

We know that with PRO, we are getting unique and innovative choreography that really highlights each team’s strengths and capitalizes the score sheet!

Samantha AlongiTriple Crown Cheer Co.